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Welcome to the Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School Hot Lunch Program New Website

You may now place your order for the Winter/Spring Hot Lunch semester.

The new menu will start on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

The deadline to place your order is Monday, January 1 , 2018. After that please Contact us.

To place a hot lunch order or view your previous orders please Login.

Should you need any assistance please Contact us.

New for Winter/Spring semester: You may pay half right away, and the rest by March 1st.

Day Menu Item Description Price($)
Monday Protein Packed Mondays! This day will evolve. . . Beef meatballs or sloppy joes with rice, israeli couscous, broccoli, veggies and fresh fruit. (Tofu version of what is made will also be available) Alternating with. . . Chicken stir fry/tofu stir fry , rice, israeli couscous, tomatoes, cucumbers and fruit.

Tuesday Pasta, Soup and Vegetarian Chili Day We will alternate matzah ball soup and vegetarian chili with baked potatoes every week. Plain pasta with the option of red sauce will now be served, fish sticks, bagels and cream cheese salad fixings and fresh fruits.

Wednesday Chicken Nuggets / Chicken Meatballs /Tofu Chicken nuggets and Rachel's amazing chicken meatballs served on alternating weeks with couscous, white rice, salad and fresh fruit. Nugget week will have white rice and chow mein noodles. Meatball week will have white rice and couscous. Each week will also include the option of sauteed tofu, salad, roasted broccoli and fresh fruit.

Thursday Pizza Day! Cheese, plain, pesto, pineapple and olive Pizza from scratch, Caesar salad,hard boiled eggs, egg salad, focaccia, carrots (secret menu contains pizza bagels)edamame, chopped tomatos and cucumbers, along with fresh fruit.

Friday Fiesta Fridays: full Mexican burrito/taco menu, quesadillas and salmon each week Friday will have quesadillas, salmon, beans (2kinds), taco shells/flour tortillas, Quesadillas, broccoli, rice, salad and fruits.