April 30, 2014 Newsletter


Nothing like living in the Bay Area where it is cold and rainy, and 10 days later is 90 degrees…. whew!  We hope that all of you stay cool this week.  What is a great indoor activity you ask? Buying and selling raffle tickets of course! The competition is fierce already, with grades 5 and 6b tied for the most sales so far! We will start posting the results soon—don’t let your class be last!

In this Edition:

1. My Digital Tattoo

2. Wornickfest: Raffle

3. Wornickfest: help needed


1. My Digital Tattoo: The parent program is May 13, 2014 from 7-8:30 in the Ulam Gadol. Do not miss this crucial program to help parents help their children navigate social media. The students are having programs as well, where they are learning (in a non-threatening way) the power of social media, for both good and bad. Want to know how they are being taught? Check out this sample video, used to show the power of facebook…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpOvYWd4KW4

One of the big messages that we can learn from too? They are teaching our children to think before they post:

Is it True?

Is it Helpful?

Is it Inspiring?

It is Necessary?

It is Kind?

This program is a “must” for all parents with children exposed to the internet (which of course is everyone…)

2.  Wornickfest: the Raffle: Night in the City. iPad. PS4. Designer Clothing. Giants Tickets. Sports Memorabilia. Yoga Classes and Gear. Smart Watch. Michael Kors Bag. Enough said?

Raffle tickets are sold online, with a special link if you are buying from more than one child . Please give credit to the child you are purchasing from as there are prizes for the top sellers and the top classes. Know that you want to help sell, but not sure what to write? We wrote it for you! Just copy our sample email and forward to friends, co-workers and family. We need your help to fund our programs and events for the entire year—-

THANK YOU for your continued support!

3. Wornickfest: help needed: We are looking for: (1) wetsuits; (2) swim parkas and (3) face painters and temporary tattoo artists to volunteer their time (yes, you get Chai hours) at Wornickfest! Have any of these items to lend to us for the event? Want to do some child painting while you are there? Email us at pto@wornickjds.org!!