Chai Hours

Volunteer & Earn Chai Hours

NEW! Now you can report your Chai Hours online.

We are always looking for your help on various projects, many of which can be done at home or on the weekend for those that have difficult schedules.  Please click here to view and sign up for 2018/2019 volunteer opportunities via SignUpGenius.

What are Chai Hours?

Each family at Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School (RCWJDS) is required to volunteer for a total of 18 (Chai) hours per year. The hours must be recorded with the PTO electronically, no later than June 1 each year.

Why do I need to do them?

Your volunteer hours help support the amazing programs provided by the school. It also is a great way to get to know your fellow RCWJDS parents and teachers better.

How can I earn them?

In addition to running (or helping to run) a PTO event, they can be earned by:

  • Hosting a school event  (such as a Feast Your Mind Dinner)
  • Volunteering for/at a specific event (Book Fair, Shabbat Dinner, Chanukah party, Havdallah, Wornickfest, Feast your Mind, Teacher Appreciation….)
  • Attending PTO meetings
  • Attending / Driving on class field trips
  • Assisting the school office
  • Helping out in the classroom (ex library, technology, special classes)
  • Carpooling for middle school sports
  • Helping assemble family gifts, goody bags, school handouts;
  • Serving Hot Lunch
  • Being a Room Parent
  • Being a Mentor Family
  • Hosting a summer picnic or BBQ
  • Being on the Board of Trustees, or a related Committee (Finance, Strategic Planning etc.)
  • “Other”—there are many other ways to earn hours that are not listed above.

But I work full time! How can I possibly do this?

There are many ways to earn Chai hours that are not exclusively during the work day. PTO often needs help with projects which can be done at home. For instance, after the Community Shabbat Dinner, there are table cloths to be washed—the washing and folding earned Chai hours. There are marketing and proofreading jobs for Feast your Mind and other school events that can be done in your “off” hours, and many weekend events where your help would be much appreciated. If you are a Room Parent, arrange with your “co” Room Parent to do the “at school” tasks, while you handle all emails and other school communications. You can also attend evening PTO meetings as the time that you spend qualifies toward your requirement.

Remember, if you cannot complete your hours personally, you may ask your extended family for help as their hours qualify. We encourage grandparents and other family to be an active part of our community.

If you need some ideas, or want to get on our “working parent” list, please let your Room Parents or us know. We will keep you in mind when jobs come up that can be done outside of the work day..

If you cannot do your Chai hours, you can always pay the required $18 per hour instead.

 A few notes about Chai hours

They cannot be transferred from year to year.  Each family is required to fulfill their Chai hour requirement each yearChai hours cannot be transferred between families.  Each family must perform their own Chai hour requirement.  Any family member may contribute, including grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.

All Chai hours must be logged by June 1st each year.  If Chai hours are planned for year end activities that will take place in the last few days of the school year, an estimate can be made.   All families are responsible for recording their own Chai hours. If you do not work all of your Chai hours, you will be billed, and required to pay $18 per hour.

If you have additional questions about Chai hours, please contact