June 11, 2014 Newsletter

Reflections on the 2013-2014 school year, by your exiting PTO Board:

We started our year with the holiday Sukkot

And when asked for a Sukkah we did not even have to vote

We brought volunteers and lumber we did buy

And it was built beautifully on the very first try!


The Shabbat dinner as always was nice and relaxing

Although dinner for 300 is extremely taxing!

We looked at the stars and together we did pray

All in all it was a very peaceful day


We shopped til we dropped

Our credit cards never stopped

Which helped raise money for our school

Which was really oh so cool


Thanksgivikuh this year brought turkey and pie

And many donations our parents did buy

To ensure that those who needed it got enough to eat

Their appreciation was enough to knock us off our feet


At the Chanukah party everyone was in a great mood

And of course we provided some delicious food

And asked everyone to bring a book or a toy

To give away to another girl or boy

The kids wanted to spin dreidels and they could not wait

To watch the magician make Dr. Gereboff levitate!


At Purim we did our Mishloach Manot

And donated to others that we did not know

We then did another donation day

To help various organizations in just about every way

The donations filled up many a ride

When we dropped it all off, we were filled with pride


In April our teachers we did appreciate

And as usual, we really could not wait

To show them the things we had in store

At the lunch — tropical drinks we did pour!

We showed them we appreciate the way that they teach

By making them feel like they were sitting at the beach


At Wornickfest DJ Max brought the groove and brought the funk

Even principals Nicole and Dan the kids did dunk

Joel, Adam and Alex were good sports as well

The kids really loved it when into the water they fell!


The raffle prizes this year were crazy!

Trying to remember them is hard–it is all a bit hazy

But the excitement was really so incredibly great

Although calling the raffle ran really late

People walked away with many a prize

And a look of wonder in their eyes


We are ending this year with a big thank you

We appreciate all of you, we really do!

Our parents and teachers help make our events run

So that everyone can have a whole lot of fun


Most of the Board is retiring this year

Which we expect to bring more than one tear

But the new Board taking over is ready to rock

They eagerly await their turn, they are watching the clock!

So get ready for them to take over next year

And above all else, please please  VOLUNTEER!!!


We wish all of you a wonderful, relaxing summer—see you in August!

 Michele, Laurie, Rebecca, Rechelle, Lily, Elizabeth and Dominique