June 6, 2014 Newsletter


We hope that everyone enjoyed their short break from school in the midst of the end of year craziness! Although we are supposed to be winding down, it seems like an endless stream of parties, ceremonies, outdoor education trips, presentations and concerts during the last several weeks, in addition to Wornickfest, which we believe was our best yet!

On the subject of Wornickfest, congratulations to Jacob Cohen (Middle School) and Helena Cohen (Elementary School) as the top two raffle ticket salespeople! They will each receive a $100 gift card from the store of their choice. We also congratulate the 5th grade for selling the most raffle tickets as a class. They will be receiving a special “sweet treat” to acknowledge their efforts.

In this Edition:

1. Your new PTO Board


1. Your new PTO Board: It is really hard to believe that next week marks our last of the 2013-2014 school year! Here on your PTO Board, the end of school is somewhat bittersweet as 6 of the 7 of us end our terms and exit the Board, making way for your new officers who officially take office July 1, 2014.  As a reminder, your new PTO Board members are:

Rebecca Schwartz: Vice President Tikkun Olam (returning Board member)

Daphne Kaufer: Vice President Elementary /Middle School

Tara Bantwal: Treasurer

Scott Urman: Vice President Technology and Communications

Audrey Muller: Secretary

We will be making an announcement on the President position shortly—if not by next week, certainly during the summer.

All of your new officers are armed with great ideas and a lot of excitement to begin their respective terms. We also have several parents who have offered to assist the Board on various events, although not “officially” as Board members. If you would like to help plan or chair an event, please email us at pto@wornickpto.com and we will pass your name on to the new Board.

We again thank you for another great year!

Check back next week for our special end of the year message…..