May 14, 2014 Newsletter


Congratulations all—we have a new PTO Board for the 2014-2015 school year! Elections were Friday, May 9, 2014 and resulted in the following new officers who will be introduced at Wornickfest:

Tara Bantwal: Treasurer

Audrey Muller: Secretary

Daphne Kaufer: VP Elementary / Middle School

Scott Urman (with an assist from Cara Baker): VP Technology and Communications

AND….Rebecca Schwartz is returning for one more year as VP Tikkun Olam!

We thank all of the new officers for their support and congratulate them on their new roles.  There are still some available Board positions and some “Board adjacent” positions — if you are interested, let us know! We have some awesome Wornick parents who are helping “in the background” (hence the “adjacent”) without official titles.  We will consider them to be the “shadow PTO” (thanks Laurie) from here on out….

In this Edition:

1. Wornickfest: RSVP Deadline(s)

2. Wornickfest: Raffle Ticket Sales

3. Wornickfest: Volunteer Sign Up


1. Wornickfest: RSVP Deadline(s):  It is time to RSVP for Wornickfest!! The event is next week and we need to confirm the count for dinner. For those that are new, we serve a complete buffet “kid friendly” dinner at the event, with Sangria for the adults, and carnival snacks for the kids. We generally get around 400 people for this event, which is a lot of mouths to feed. It is really important that you RSVP by the deadline, which is May 15, 2014. Will we still accept RSVPs after the deadline? YES! But the price goes up starting the day after the deadline, and will increase as we get closer to the event. Why? Piazzas gives us all of the food for the event BUT we need to order in advance to ensure to get everything for such a large group. As we get kosher, we can’t just walk into any old place and buy groceries. The last minute buying? It costs us!

You do not want to miss this event! Why? Do you want to be the one parent who has to explain to their child why they missed dunking their teachers in our dunk tank? Who is in the tank this year? Hint: One well known school “leader,” one Middle School teacher, one Elementary School teacher and one “JS/everything else” teacher… who are they? Stay tuned to find out! Remember, this is not just an Elementary School event—we have games just for the older kids, a dance contest via our DJ and of course the dunk tank. Middle School students will love it. 

2. Wornickfest: Raffle Ticket Sales:

Raffle ticket sales are in full swing. The top sellers will receive a $100 gift card at the store of their choice! Please support your PTO (and your children) and buy your raffle tickets today!

Raffle ticket sales fund ALL of our events and programs throughout the entire school year.  We need your support!

If you have forgotten about the prizes this year (the total value of all of them is the highest yet!), check them out. We needed a raffle prizes page and a more raffle prizes page to fit them all and prizes are being added daily.

The latest prize? Are you sitting down? A Movado Folio woman’s watch, valued at $600.00+!! It is gorgeous—believe me, you want this watch!

3. Wornickfest: Volunteers: Wornickfest is our last PTO event of the year and the last big opportunity to earn your Chai Hours. As you know, each family is responsible for putting in 18 hours of volunteer time throughout the year. For every hour missed you will be billed $18. Why? We need you! We cannot run any of our events without your help

Wornickfest is HUGE and needs a LOT of volunteers. We need people to run the carnival games, the obstacle course, help at the dunk tank, serve dinner and just about everything else. It is a ton of work, but a LOT of fun!! Please sign up to volunteer for the event, and earn your Chai Hours!