May 21, 2014 Newsletter


Wornickfest is TOMORROW!! If you have not RSVP’d, you still can, but the price has gone up and WILL GO UP AGAIN tomorrow. The later people RSVP the more “last minute” the food purchases, and the more that it costs us. Imagine expecting 10 for dinner and opening the door to 50? That is what it is like for us. Despite this fact, we want you to come, eat and have fun!!

We are VERY SHORT on volunteers for the event. If we do not have enough people to run the booths, obstacle course and dunk tank, we will have to close them up. PLEASE sign up!! For those that have Middle School children, we can use them to run booths too—let us know if they are interested.

The DUNK TANK will begin promptly at 5:30: our gracious volunteers (willing victims) and their respective time frames this year are:

Joel Abramovitz (5:40 – 5:55)

Adam King (6:00 – 6:15)

Nicole Haire (6:20 – 6:35)

Dan Finkel (6:40 – 6:55)

Alex Maslow (7:00 – 7:15)

We thank them for their continue support of the PTO and encourage them to heckle our children as they try to dunk them. We expect the dunk tank to once again be a HUGE hit!

In this Edition:

1.  Wornickfest: How  does it work!?!?

2. Wornickfest: RSVP Deadline(s)

3. Wornickfest: Raffle Ticket Sales

4. Wornickfest: Volunteer Sign Up (URGENT!!)


1. Wornickfest: How does it work? For those that are new, Wornickfest is a carnival. We have “midway” style booths where the kids can try their luck at a variety of games, winning prizes just like they would at any county fair. We also have an inflatable obstacle course, and a dunk tank, featuring our teachers! We are serving a full Italian dinner (lasagna, pasta bar, salad, garlic bread….dessert) with Sangria for the adults. We also  have popcorn and cotton candy–we are a carnival after all! If that is not enough, there is face painting and a balloon team making balloon animals for the kids. Believe me, there is plenty going on. We ALSO have a DJ, who will be playing some tunes, and presiding over a dance contest… and finally: THE RAFFLE!! Winners will be drawn and announced at around 7:30 p.m.  Want to  memorialize the experience? Visit our photo booth!!

EVERYTHING is included in the admission cost, except: the dunk tank (pay at the booth) and the raffle (buy your tickets)

Everyone needs to stop at the registration desk, where they will be given a rubber bracelet, information on the various attractions, and for the first 50 women who check in….. a gift card for a complimentary 30 minute facial at Revive Spa! Woo hoo!!

Volunteering? There will be a volunteer check in booth this year to make things easier!

2. Wornickfest: RSVP Deadline(s):  If you have not done so already, please immediately RSVP for Wornickfest!!  The online RSVP system will be closing shorty—it is really important that you RSVP right away.  As we told you before, the price increased after the May 15, 2014 deadline and will increase AGAIN tomorrow.

3. Wornickfest: Raffle Ticket Sales: Raffle ticket sales are in full swing. The top sellers will receive a $100 gift card at the store of their choice! Please support your PTO (and your children) and buy your raffle tickets today!

The top selling class will also receive a special surprise…. support your class!

Remember, raffle ticket sales fund ALL of our events and programs throughout the entire school year.  We need your support!

If you have forgotten about the prizes this year (the total value of all of them is the highest yet!), check them out. We needed a raffle prizes page and a more raffle prizes page to fit them all and prizes are being added daily.

Online raffle ticket sales will be closing shortly. You will still be able to buy tickets at the event, but you will NOT be able to credit a particular child for any bought on site. Buy them online TODAY.

4. Wornickfest: Volunteers: Wornickfest is our last PTO event of the year and the last big opportunity to earn your Chai Hours. As you know, each family is responsible for putting in 18 hours of volunteer time throughout the year. For every hour missed you will be billed $18. Why? We need you! We cannot run any of our events without your help

Wornickfest is HUGE and needs a LOT of volunteers. We need people to run the carnival games, the obstacle course, help at the dunk tank, serve dinner and just about everything else. It is a ton of work, but a LOT of fun!! Please sign up to volunteer for the event, and earn your Chai Hours!

We are short on volunteers!! If we do not get the help that we need, we will need to close down the games. Do not let this happen—the kids will be so disappointed. Please sign up to help.