Room Parents’ Corner

Dear Room Parents,

THANK YOU for volunteering your time and effort to be a Room Parent!  Being a Room Parent is a GREAT way to get to know other parents and their children, to earn your Chai hours and to feel more involved at our school.  As a Room Parent you are the liaison between parents, the PTO and your child’s teacher regarding school activities.

We will have a room parent meeting at the start of the year to discuss everything in detail, but generally, we ask room parents to be responsible for the following:

  • Encouraging class sign-ups as needed for various school and PTO events;
  • Organize Teacher gifts;
  • Advise the PTO and Head of School about births, deaths, illness or other needs;
  • Communicate with your teachers about their needs;
  • Plan an event or two for your class / grade during the year;
  • Send monthly updates and reminders to your class about class, PTO and other school events;
  • Coordinate drivers and other help for field trips and other class events;

We always recommend that more than one person volunteer per class, to share the work. You and your co-Room Parents may decide to take on all of some of these responsibilities yourselves; however, we urge you to involve other class parents as this helps build a team feeling within the class and provides opportunities for others to feel involved throughout the year.

We need your help—please sign up to be a Room Parent today!!

If you have any questions, please contact us at We are always available to help!