Class Parties and other Events


As Room Parent, we ask that you organize several class parties and /or other events for your class.  Although there are no firm guidelines as to what these events should be, some suggestions are: (1) Mom’s night out; (2) Dad’s night out; (3) Shabbat picnic/potluck; (4) class playdate / movie; (5) end of the year party; (6) summer pool party or BBQ.  These events do not have to be on a “per class” basis, but can be for the entire grade. Coordinate with the room parents from the other class and include everyone.

For all of the events, we recommend using Evite or some other online signup site to help organize who is coming, and what people are bringing where applicable. We strongly suggest that you create a menu and post it. These events do not have to be fancy—the idea is to create community within each class/grade and to have fun!

Please be sensitive to those that are observant, and do not plan events on religious holidays (even if the school is closed that day) or on Shabbat.