The PTO sends a “Wednesday newsletter” to the entire school, regarding upcoming PTO and school events. This newsletters is not all inclusive–we only hit a few topics each week. Anyone can check our website at any time for more information, but again, we can’t include everything so rely heavily on the room parents for support.

There are two separate communication duties that are important for a Room Parent. You need to communicate regularly with your teacher to ensure that their needs are met, and communicate with your class. Keep in mind that different teachers require different things, so make sure to find out what is needed in your class!

Keeping parents informed of upcoming activities, responsibilities and news via email is a great service and is much needed by our busy Wornick parents.  It’s also a great way to acknowledge and thank those who have volunteered.

Each Room Parent should send a monthly email to the parents, advising them of the following: (1) upcoming class events; (2) school events and activities; (3) holidays; and (4) other special community or local events.  You will get an email prior to the start of the new month from your PTO liaison, telling you of all upcoming events. You can forward the email (omitting any text from PTO to you directly) to your class, or “cut and paste,” whatever works for you. Just ensure to personalize it with your class specific events.

At the end of each month, contact your teacher, and ask them what is coming up the following month. Then check the school and PTO calendars (our Wednesday updates are a great way to do this) and put everything together in one email, titled something like “this month in 3A.” If possible, use the same subject line each month so that your parents will know what to look for, and will ensure that your email is not missed.

Everyone is very busy, so any “calendar help” you can offer is always most appreciated. The things that are of most concern are generally class events that encourage or require parent participation; events that require a dress code or costume; events that require that a parent contribute something; holidays, minimum days and other days off from school. Keep in mind that the more notice the better—it is pretty hard for most people to come up with a costume for the next day if they just find out about it the night before! If you repeat the same event in a few emails, that is absolutely fine!

A note on complainers: you will always have one or more people who says that they get too many emails. It cannot be avoided. Do not take it personally! Often these same people miss an important date or event and realize that you were providing a valuable service 🙂