Field Trips

Often, parent drivers are needed on field trips. Please help your teacher coordinate the drivers and ensure that enough cars and parents are available.

Parents must have their insurance information on file with the office in order to drive on a field trip. For the younger grades, please confirm that parents send car or booster seats to school with their child. Your responsibility is to ensure that you ensure that you have enough parents and cars, the teacher will decide who rides in each car.

Please ensure that the parents know that they must take the children that are assigned to their car both ways, and that no extra stops or treats for the different cars are permitted.  As fun as it sounds, there is no “cookies for everyone who rides with Alan” or “if you are in my car we get to watch a movie!”  We don’t want the other children to feel bad or to have every child begging to be in one child’s car, as it hurts the others’ feelings.