Significant Life Events

When we think about these life events, one thing that comes to mind is the amazing and continued response from our Wornick families. We have seen meals cooked and delivered; hands held during chemotherapy; play dates and carpools for children who have an ill parent; clothing donated for families that are not able to afford them due to economic downturn, and the list goes on. Everything was given freely, without hesitation and without question, regardless of whether the family is a close personal friend or just “someone that someone else knows.” It is truly inspiring and makes us proud to be a part of this community.

Wornick had a Yad b’Yad (translated as “hand in hand”) program, with representatives for both the Elementary and Middle Schools. These parents were dedicated to helping those who needed it, by connecting them with other families, helping with coordination of meals and addressing other needs. Last year, and again this year, we decided to have the room parents take on this important role so that each class has the help that they may need.

If someone in your class or in another class, that you know, has recently experienced, or is currently experiencing one of these life events, please approach them and ask if they need help and/or if it is ok that you let PTO know. We have found that we can still provide needed help while maintaining confidentiality.  Last year our Wornick families helped a family from the preschool without knowing their identity. Who they are is not as important as what they need.

Please let your PTO liaison know that someone is in need. If you know where help would be most appreciated, tell us. If you don’t, let us do the rest.

If that family is you, please step up and say something. We know that sometimes it is hard to ask for help, and you may not know that you need something until it is offered. What makes Wornick special is that if you need a hand, someone is always there to offer it. Often, just having someone say “what can I do?” makes all the difference.