Teacher Gifts

The teachers receive three gifts per year. The PTO pays for and sponsors Chanukah gifts for all teachers, as well as end of the year gifts in the form of gift cards. In addition, the school pays for gift cards for all teacher birthdays. We will provide you with a birthday list at the start of the school year so that no birthdays are missed.

Esther Gillette in the office has requested that each teacher indicate their gift card preferences for all gifts during the year. Although this takes the surprise out of it, the teachers have uniformly agreed that this way they get something that they really want and would rather have a choice. PTO purchases all gift cards for the entire year at the very start, and purchases gift wrap as well.  PTO also distributes the gifts for both Chanukah and the end of the school year—you only need to worry about your teacher’s birthday.

Prior to your teacher’s birthday, you can pick up their gift card from either Karin Segal or Ann Forman in the business office.  If your teacher did not indicate a gift card preference, they automatically receive one from Amazon.com.

Some classes may also want to include handmade or store bought cards, cake or other treats, flowers and the like. That is your choice— we just ask that all be invited to participate. The teachers have repeatedly advised that their absolute favorite things are those made by their students. A small handmade card can go a long way.

As tempting as it may be, please do not buy extra gifts for the teacher from your child, or even from the class. We are trying to teach the children that homemade, “from the heart” gifts are the most precious, and do not want anyone (teacher or student) to feel bad or left out if things are not equitable.

Regardless of whether you do something extra, or just present the gift card, please ensure that your entire class knows about the teacher’s special day. Remember, any email sent to the class or grade as a whole, using the school’s preset emails, will also go to the teacher. You may want to create your own email list to keep things a surprise!

For teachers that teach more than one class, it is not necessary to have multiple birthday celebrations. It is best to coordinate with your fellow room parents in the other classes, and arrange for one celebration, or have each class do something different. For instance, one class/grade can bring flowers, one can do cards and one can do dessert. For Judaic Studies, Technology, Hebrew, PE and all other classes where the teachers teaches multiple classes and grades, the PTO will distribute their gift.  This does not mean that you should skip the cards and/or acknowledgement. Everyone enjoys a “Happy Birthday” wish. If you decide to bring dessert, please ensure that it contains no nuts, as that is school policy.

For middle school teachers, the grade that has the teacher for homeroom (where applicable) is responsible for handling that teacher’s birthday.

PTO also includes all staff, security and other administration in our gift giving. Everyone at Wornick makes a valuable contribution, and is so very appreciated.