As you know (or if you are new, will soon find out), PTO plans several big school wide parties / events during the school year. We cannot run these events without our wonderful parent volunteers, and need your help to ensure that your class knows what opportunities are available, and that everyone is encouraged to pitch in and help.

For parents that are new to Wornick, it is especially important that they feel involved in the community.  Please contact your class before a big event: (1) encourage them to come, (2) remind them to RSVP and (3) ask them to help out if help is needed.  A great way to do this is “Max and I can’t wait for Wornickfest! I plan to be there serving dinner, who else will join me?

Many of these events are centered on class participation and are school-wide activities, and we hope that you stress that these are also wonderful social opportunities for everyone.

As you know, there is a requirement that all parents contribute Chai Hours, requiring that they volunteer or contribute to the school in some way.  Volunteering for events like Teacher Appreciation Week, and Wornickfest are prime examples.  Throughout the year, send a  few “Chai Hour” emails to your class, reminding them that they need to complete their requirement and there are opportunities to do just that, available all of the time. Send an email such as: “Have you done all of your Chai hours yet? I haven’t, and plan to help set up for the Shabbat Dinner. Can anyone else help?”

It is so important for all families to participate in school wide events and as a Room Parent you are a terrific liaison for communicating this to your class!  For specific events, the PTO may ask you to help fill in specific volunteer slots.  For many events, people have already volunteered, however, there are always open positions to be filled.

For those parents with limited time and/or no time during the school or work day, please encourage them to contact us. We always have “at home” and/or weekend work to be done.